Fines & Charges

Overdue fines are still suspended, however no book amnesty is still in place.

Overdue charges (per day)

Standard books£0.20
Individual music scores£0.20
Junior, young adult books and audiobooks£0.05
Standard audio books & language courses£0.20

Borrowing charges

Standard books£0
Individual music scores


Junior, young adult books and audiobooks£0
Standard audio books & language courses£0

Lost membership cards



Items already in own Libraries£0.50
Inter Library loans£8.50
Uncollected Inter Library loans£8.50
British Library Loan£18.85
British Library Loan Renewal£6.25
Uncollected British Library loans£18.85
SPINE requests£2.00
Orchestral sets£15.00
1-30 music scores£15.00
31-60 music scores£25.00
61-90 music scores£30.00
91-120 music scores£35.00
121-150 music scores£40.00
151-180 music scores£45.00

Public Computers

Library members (2 hours)£0
Extra hour for members£1
1 hour for non-member£1

Printing from PC (per sheet)

A4 black & white print£0.30
A4 colour print per sheet£0.50


A4 black & white£0.30
A3 black & white£0.60
A4 colour£0.50
A3 colour£1.00

Posters & Adverts - discretionary service

A5 posters£2.00
A4 posters£4.00
A3 posters£6.00
Small advert cards for business use£2.00
Small advert cards for personal use£1.50
A5 leaflets£2.00
Multiple leaflets/fliers-

Talks (per hour)

Specialist subjects like local history etc.£25.00

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