Welcoming LIBRARY FOR into Central Library

Posted on: 21/06/2023

We have recently welcomed LIBRARY FOR into our Central Library, and some of you may have been wondering what this new pop-up shop is and how it works?

LIBRAY FOR's goal is to support the local community in Peterborough with the cost-of-living crisis by providing access to useful household items, and a space for community activities.

It's open to all members of the community, allowing you to borrow a varied collection of items from as little as £1 a week per item. This sharing economy will not only save individuals money but also reduce carbon emissions by decreasing the need for multiple people to purchase the same item, which they may only need to use once or twice a year.

Please note: The LIBRARY FOR hosts, who will manage this space, are employed separately from the Peterborough Libraries staff. Therefore, any queries related to LIBRARY FOR must be directed through the LIBRARY FOR hosts or relevant contacts, such as emma.house@civic.co or info@pect.org.uk.

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