BFI Replay

BFI Replay

Peterborough Libraries are now able to offer British Film Institute (BFI) Replay to Library members.

BFI Replay is a free-to-access digital archive exclusively available in UK public lending libraries.

Thousands of digitised videos and television programmes from the BFI National Archive and partner UK regions and nations film archives are available to browse and enjoy, research or study – with some familiar and memorable, others rare and unseen for decades. Presenting stories about Britain, its history and its people, BFI Replay has been created around three thematic ‘pillars’ each containing collections of titles that have been curated by BFI experts. The three themes are:

  • The Time Machine
  • The Making of Us
  • Screen Stories

BFI Replay can be accessed in any of our 10 libraries using the link: Please note this link will not work outside of our network, if you wish to use the service, visit one of our Peterborough Libraries and access the link via any of of our public network devices or any personal device that is connected to our guest Wi-Fi.

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