Staff search (up to 30 minutes): £15
Staff search
(up to 1 hour): £30

Additional searches (at the same rate) will be undertaken at the discretion of archives staff.


(subject to completion of Copyright Declaration form)

  • A4 (b/w) photocopy or microfilm/fiche print: 50p
  • A3 (b/w) photocopy or microfilm/fiche print: 80p
  • A4 (colour) photocopy: £1
  • A3 (colour) photocopy: £2

Charges for postage, packaging & processing (up to 20 A4 sheets): £3.50 (UK) / £6 (Europe) / £8.50 (rest of world)

Minimum charges for orders sent by post: £6 (UK) / £12 (overseas)

Provision of digital images

(subject to completion of Copyright Declaration form)

  • Scanning an archival document/photograph (up to A3 original) and providing a hi-res digital image: £8 per scan
  • Subsequent scans/images from same document: £4 per scan
  • Supplying a copy of an existing digital image (e.g. Kitchin Collection): £2 per image
  • Photo permit for use of own camera/phone in search room: £5 per day / £10 per week / £20 per month / £100 per year

If you wish to publish or reproduce an image from the archives, please contact us for further details.

Please note that, at present, we can only accept payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer (not by credit/debit card). The minimum transaction for payment by cheque or bank transfer is £5.

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